Things 17 & 18 (week 8)

January 27, 2009 ruthmp

New Years resolutions not started so well as am behind again.  Oh well, better to catch up than not to do anything I guess (hope!)

Ok – Facebook.  I did actually sign up for this just before Christmas after being hassled for a very long time by friends to get myself on there.  Have since become quite addicted (knew I would which is kindof why didn’t sign up before) but it’s a nice addicted.  Seem to now know my friends innermost thoughts (not always a good thing) but it’s very amusing and at least keeps everyone up to date with photos etc.  My friends list seems to keep growing so am not feeling too lonely!  At the moment I’m just using if for fun but know of some people who join multiple groups and seem to have quite serious discussions and end up signing petitions etc from it.  Not sure I’ll ever get that involved.

Twitter.  Signed up and couldn’t find anyone I knew.  Asked a friend to join (who did) so we’ve been practising and I’ve also been following the exploits of Mr J Ross but other than that not too sure I’m a friend of this.  I prefer the appearance of Facebook.  Maybe it’ll grow on me when (if) more people I know join.  I’ll keep at it to see what happens.


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