Number 24 – Reflection

March 3, 2009 ruthmp

Well we’re all done and dusted and have to admit to feeling a little sad.  I’ve really, really enjoyed the weeks doing these new and innovative things.  No longer do I feel that I know nothing about the newest technologies and such on the web but at least I now feel as though I can hold my own (at least with the new things I’ve been trying).

I am a firm convert to google maps but haven’t used the email or document stuff at all since.  Think this is a case of using the old and sticking to the hotmail I’ve had for years.  Having said that though, I now what to recommend for others when they’re looking for ideas in the future.

I’ve been keeping up to date with Twitter and have even persuaded a few friends to join me but in all honestly we are all tending to use facebook to add updates and information.

Having said on a blog a while ago that I wasn’t that into RSS feeds I’ve now changed my mind and am using them a lot more  – saving time and energy!  However, I still like a good hunt around the web for exciting stories instead of having them drip fed to me.

My favourite from all the things remains Library Thing.  This is the one site I’ve kept up with and am enjoying weekly.

Thank you to the 25 Things team for putting together this little course.  It’s been an eye opener and very enjoyable.


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