Number 24 – Reflection

Well we’re all done and dusted and have to admit to feeling a little sad.  I’ve really, really enjoyed the weeks doing these new and innovative things.  No longer do I feel that I know nothing about the newest technologies and such on the web but at least I now feel as though I can hold my own (at least with the new things I’ve been trying).

I am a firm convert to google maps but haven’t used the email or document stuff at all since.  Think this is a case of using the old and sticking to the hotmail I’ve had for years.  Having said that though, I now what to recommend for others when they’re looking for ideas in the future.

I’ve been keeping up to date with Twitter and have even persuaded a few friends to join me but in all honestly we are all tending to use facebook to add updates and information.

Having said on a blog a while ago that I wasn’t that into RSS feeds I’ve now changed my mind and am using them a lot more  – saving time and energy!  However, I still like a good hunt around the web for exciting stories instead of having them drip fed to me.

My favourite from all the things remains Library Thing.  This is the one site I’ve kept up with and am enjoying weekly.

Thank you to the 25 Things team for putting together this little course.  It’s been an eye opener and very enjoyable.


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Week 10


Thing 22 – YouTube

Even I have played with this one in the past!  Haven’t done much searching but have watched various clips that have been sent to me.  I’ve had a look around and it’s vast – would take a serious amount of time to get through much of what is on here.  The clip I’ve chosen to add is one of David Childs who plays the euphonium with Cory Band.  As someone who attempted to play this instrument for many a year (no longer – it got the better of me!), I’m in awe of this man and the talent that he and this band have.  Had a look for my old band (Pennine Brass) but nothing doing – probably as well!!

Thing 23 – Podcasts

I bought an ipod a few years ago and so have iTunes on my pc at home.  It’s ok but I think I prefer mp3’s – there seems to be lots less faffing around.  I’ve listened to a few podcasts in the past few months – mainly to catch up on bits of radio programmes that I’ve missed out on.  Very useful and will certainly have a play with the other sites that the 25 things is suggesting.  Will probably leave this to the weekend though and have a good root around at home.

Well, that’s it for now.  Am up to date-ish.  Will look forward to seeing what next week has in store.  Till then……. cheery bye…………..

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Week 9 (thing 21)

Oh this has so made my day!!!  I spend many a happy hour standing in Waterstones or browsing Amazon and now I find a site that makes the best of both worlds.  This is DEFINITELY one site I will be keeping a (very) regular eye on.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am an utter bookworm and that the world stops when I open a good book.  I’ve begun my library – watch it grow as it surely will!  The discussions were interesting but I’m not sure how interested I will be in adding anything.  Saying that though, if someone hates a book that I’ve loved I’m sure I’ll put my two pennies in.

Off to play further now to see if they’ve got any childrens books on there.  My 4 year old already has his own personal library at home and is rivalling my love of books!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for thing 21!!!!!!

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Week 9 (things 19 & 20)

What fun – generating images.  Have managed to create a smiley with a sign and hope that he’ll appear on my blog when I publish it.  If not, will have another go hopefully without the air turning blue.  Just in case it doesn’t work here’s a link to an image created in image chef (<a href=”; target=”_blank”> <img src=”; alt=”Beach custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more –”/> </a>).  Love this site!!  Even feel quite pleased with myself as I’ve added this to my facebook profile.  Oh the techno-world is my oyster!

Have done a little list in Google docs and emailed to a friend.  Watch this space to find out if they reply…..

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Things 17 & 18 (week 8)

New Years resolutions not started so well as am behind again.  Oh well, better to catch up than not to do anything I guess (hope!)

Ok – Facebook.  I did actually sign up for this just before Christmas after being hassled for a very long time by friends to get myself on there.  Have since become quite addicted (knew I would which is kindof why didn’t sign up before) but it’s a nice addicted.  Seem to now know my friends innermost thoughts (not always a good thing) but it’s very amusing and at least keeps everyone up to date with photos etc.  My friends list seems to keep growing so am not feeling too lonely!  At the moment I’m just using if for fun but know of some people who join multiple groups and seem to have quite serious discussions and end up signing petitions etc from it.  Not sure I’ll ever get that involved.

Twitter.  Signed up and couldn’t find anyone I knew.  Asked a friend to join (who did) so we’ve been practising and I’ve also been following the exploits of Mr J Ross but other than that not too sure I’m a friend of this.  I prefer the appearance of Facebook.  Maybe it’ll grow on me when (if) more people I know join.  I’ll keep at it to see what happens.

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Week 7

Am loving google maps!  Have played with this a little in the past but am getting way too excited about being given time, information etc on how to play further.  Searched for my house (,-4.064941&sspn=17.916772,39.550781&ie=UTF8&ll=53.647659,-1.839319&spn=0.002111,0.004828&t=h&z=18&g=hd3+4uy) and it appears that the photos are at least 5 years old as my house hasn’t even been built yet.

It will take me 20 hours and 22 mins to get to Madrid (feels like it takes that long to get to work sometimes….) and is a distance of 1,272 miles.

Can see me using this website far more now – especially as I’ve discovered that it can draw me blue lines on a map to give me directions – big bonus for the other half as he knows I’m very, very useless at map reading!!  Used to use AA autoroute but suspect that this has become redundant now.

Have just created my own map (how exciting!!) for a marker at Gledholt Methodist Church to say that my Rainbow group meets there on Tuesday evenings.,-1.798797&spn=0.008445,0.019312&t=h&z=16&msid=114852676744567417144.00045fce182135370496c

Right – off to see if I can play with Google Earth now….. watch this space………..

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Week 6

Another catch-up………………….

Several hundred clicks later (well, it felt like it) I ended up with a random article on Wikipedia on Pittsburgh.  Interested in this as I have been there (albeit a long time ago) but nostalgic all the same.

Have used the site before for general searches but have not noticed the current events bit before (wood, trees and all that).  Found this pretty interesting and am sure I’ll be back for further visits.  Makes a change from the good old BBC!

Added information about Longwood to the wetpaint site.  Very easy to do but not so easy to think of sensible wording for the area I live in!

Very enjoyable tasks these!

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Catching Up

Well one of the first things I have learnt is not to get behind with the things!!  I did ok on week one but then only got halfway through week two and before I knew it we were on to week four.  However, am now up to date and have done everything I’m supposed to do.

Think I’m a little boring when it comes to the RSS feeds.  I set everything up and can see huge time saving bonuses but I’ve decided that I prefer visual sites as it’s usually the clipart /photos and colours that inspire me to read a story.  However, have learnt something new so all is not lost.

Staying with the visual I loved Flickr and could spend many a happy hour just perusing everyone else’s photos (does that make extremely nosey?)

Anyway, here’s a photo of my own to add to my blog – it’s an angel I’ve made to on the top of my Christmas cake.


Till next time……………..and I’m going to try and keep up to date now.

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Here I go!

Oh my goodness how scary.  Failed at the first hurdle as my pc wouldn’t view the video but with some techno-wizardry from the guy next door managed to get going.  As an IT trainer I feel embarrassed to admit that I’m somewhat out of my depth with blogs!  Am ok with office and the things that go along with it but have not (as yet) strayed into this world.  That said, am keen to get going and learn more about the things that I probably should know about.

I am very interested in doing the 25 Things programme to learn about all the exciting things out there and might even be able to sound knowledgeable to my friends who do this kind of thing all the time!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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